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The experts at Blue Water Tackle Shop at South Beach Marina have their finger on the pulse of the Hilton Head fishing world. With a full fleet of Charter fishing boats, the experienced Captains from South Beach all have their own secret tricks and “honey holes” that increase your chances of a successful trip.

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South Beach Marina in Sea Pines
232 S. Sea Pines Drive

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Humidity: 96%
Barometer: 29"
Wind Speed: 19 mph
Wind Direction: N

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The Fleet

Length:  32 Feet
Make:  Stuart Angler
Passengers:  Up to 6
Length:  27 Feet
Make:  Pacemaker
Passengers:  Up to 6
Miss Carolina
Length:  27 Feet
Make:  World Cat
Passengers:  Up to 5
Reel Justice
Length:  21 Feet
Make:  Carolina Skiff
Passengers:  Up to 4
Length:  27 Feet
Make:  Carolina Skiff
Passengers:  Up to 16
  • Charter Rates

    • Boomerang
    • Shadow
    • Miss Carolina
    • Reel Justice
    • Hobo
  • 2 Hours

    • $300Boomerang
    • $300Shadow
    • $300Miss Carolina
    • $245Reel Justice
    • $300*Hobo
  • 3 Hours

    • $400Boomerang
    • $400Shadow
    • $400Miss Carolina
    • $340Reel Justice
    • $400*Hobo
  • 4 Hours

    • $530Boomerang
    • $530Shadow
    • $495Miss Carolina
    • $425Reel Justice
    • $530*Hobo
  • 6 Hours

    • $795Boomerang
    • $795Shadow
    • $750Miss Carolina
    • $625Reel Justice
    • NAHobo
* An additional charge of $49 per person when group exceeds 6

The Closest Marina to the Ocean EqualsMore Fishing Time.

South Beach Marina is the closest marina to the ocean. That translates into more time on the water and better odds of catching more fish. Why spend 45 minutes or more just getting to and from the ocean? If you want to battle the big ones, all it takes is a phone call to arrange one of the best adventures Hilton Head has to offer. Just call Blue Water Tackle Shop at 843-671-3060 to set up your Charter Fishing trip and you can find out for yourself what the catch is! "

The Tides

32° 06' 59"N  80° 49' 52"W