South Beach Marina

At Blue Water Tackle Shop, we have everything you need to start fishing on Hilton Head, whether you’re a beginner or seasoned angler.

Blue Water Products
For bait, we carry frozen shrimp, squid and mullet, chicken necks for crabbing, and a wide selection of terminal tackle including hooks, rigs, floats, weights and lures.

We carry rods and reels from brands including:
Optix Penn
Zebco Kunnan
Shakespeare Okuma
Daiwa Sea Striker

We carry hard and soft artificial baits from such companies as:
Rapala Storm
Strike King Z-Man
Calcutta Berkley
Saltwater Assassin Vudu

Or if you’d rather catch your own bait, we sell cast nets and minnow traps.

Other products available:
Bait Knives Scissors
Long-Handle Nets Multi-Tools
Filet Knives Basket Traps
Pocket Knives Cages
Pliers Hand Lines

If you’re visiting the Hilton Head area and didn’t bring any fishing gear, we have two very affordable package deals available for purchase.

  2. includes a rod and reel (with several types to choose from), an eight-pack of hooks, a double-hook wire bottom rig with a two-ounce weight, a pole holder, a pound of frozen squid and a small bait knife.

  4. includes a rod and reel (also with several options), a 10-pack of hooks, a popping cork float rig, and a tub of frozen shrimp.

We also love getting kids into fishing! We have beginner rod and reel combinations and all-in-one starter kits.

Plus we sell spools of monofilament and braided fishing line, and we have a linewinder machine if you’d like us to put line on your reel for you.

Bluewater products
Even if you don’t fish, you’ll want to check out our world famous line of Blue Water t-shirts, sweatshirts, performance shirts and hats.

We carry sunglasses, sunglass retainers, sun block and bug repellent to make your time in the Carolina sun more pleasant.

You’ll also find nautical charts and special souvenir and home décor items, including a variety of Guy Harvey products.

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